Cebu Real Estate Guide

3 Easy Steps in Stress-Free Home Search

Finding your dream house requires a lot of your precious time, energy and resources. You can hire us to help you find your dream home in Cebu.. for free! Contact 0917-811-3530 or email at 3 EASY STEPS IN HOUSE SEARCH Step 1. Search the Internet. By browsing the internet, you will find a lot…

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Primer on PH Rental Law (RA 9653)

Whether you’re a landlord or a tenant, learning about the Rent Control Act of 2009 should be imperative for you, especially in cases of conflict. Basically, this law covers housing rentals across the country and protects around 1.5 million renters nationwide from a sudden increase in rental rates. RA 9653 or the “An Act Establishing Reforms…

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Condo After 50 Years

Condo, After 50 Years

“Condo’s lifespan is only 50 years,” you were told. Is this true? What will happen to the condo after 50 years? Let us examine this issue. In the long term, it is preferable to buy a house and lot (compared to condo unit) because the land is yours for life and you can build another…

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