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House finder at work! Save you time and hire a house finder in Cebu for free. A good house finder can make house searching easy and hassle-free. We are in the business of helping house searchers to find you dream home at you dream price and location.

What’s new in the housing and condominium projects in Cebu? Look at your smartphone and you’ll get a load of information about real estate in Cebu.

Going Digital: House Search Makes Easy

From 2010 to 2017, the internet users among Filipinos increased for about 43% from roughly 23 million in 2010 to 46 million in 2017. The increase of supply of affordable smartphones in the market has changed this internet usage in the country.

Thus, the real estate professionals shifted from the traditional platform like  newspaper ads to online ads, using their own websites and online portals.

Despite the convenience in using the internet and smartphones in finding a property (a residential lot, house-and-lot or condo unit) to buy, buyers continue to hire real estate professionals to help them find a property in a preferred location and budget.  As social beings, we need to connect to people who interact with us, to give answers to our questions. This is why we–in Cebu House Finder–are here to help you find your dream house in Cebu.

Cebu House Finder

We are in the business of helping people like you find your dream house  at your dream price and location in Cebu. Understanding the dynamics of house search process, we provide two services: (1) the updated listings of property where you can start browsing using our advance search engine; and (2) the free assistance by guiding you step-by-step in the acquisition of the property, negotiate with the developers for a favorable financing terms, coordinate with the bank for the loan, assist in the transfer of the Title of the property, and other services.

Updated listings

What can you find in this website? You find here not only the updated listings in general but selected subdivision and condominium projects by trusted developers. It means that you are looking into a selected list of projects that are current and updated. Because we filter our listings to the best in the market, you save time, energy and resources. With us, house searching need not be stressful. We find ways to make it hassle-free for you.

Three important tools that might help you in the search.

  • Use the Advance Search Engine to narrow down your selection. This is user-friendly  and easy to navigate.
  • Consult the Map Listings and go directly to the location where you want to be your new address.
  • Visit the Gallery where you a list of properties that are for sale and for rent. We also include the list of Ready for Occupancy (RFO) units.

Truly, this website saves your time, energy and resources.

Free Assistance

You need to talk to us, the house finders, to get vital information about the property. You can ask him us to provide you visual information like a video clip of the house or condo and the community.

Save your time, energy and resources get our services for free.

Yes, we offer free service. We can do so because we focus on project selling. We are selling subdivision and condominium units sold by developers. The developers pay for our professional fee as consultants.

Be wise. Hire a house finder for free!