Cebu Real Estate Guide

3 Easy Steps in Stress-Free Home Search

Finding your dream house requires a lot of your precious time, energy and resources. You can hire us to help you find your dream home in Cebu.. for free! Contact 0917-811-3530 or email at


Step 1. Search the Internet. By browsing the internet, you will find a lot of properties with details like photos, location and price. For easier search, visit and use the use-friendly search engine with options: type of property, location, price and features like swimming pool. Or visit for updated listings of properties in Cebu and elsewhere in the Philippines.

Step 2. Select at least 3 properties. List down at least 3 properties that you want to know more. Read Home Buying Guide for some tips in buying a house or condo unit in Cebu.

Step 3. Hire for Free a Cebu House Finder. The bulk of the work in finding your dream house is after the internet search, the ground work: site visit, assessment of the quality of construction work, peace and order of the community, verification of the documents, and other important details about the property. Hire Cebu House Finder free of charge… let’s talk 09178113530.


The harder part in the house search is the ground work. House search eats a lot of your precious time, energy and resources. Hire us and spend your precious time, energy and resources for other productive activities. Once we find good properties for you, we can discuss the pros and cons of each property. We help you come up with a wise decision in buying the property.

To avoid the trap of buyer’s remorse, spend time to look around and take due diligence on the property that you planned to buy. We can assist you to get more information about the property so that you may come up with an informed decision.


Some agents purposely put the cheapest price to attract buyers. Others have no time to update their ads. Thus, our company, Bachelors Realty and Brokerage, hire employees to get updates from the developers.

Our job is to provide you the necessary information about the property. Hopefully, you may come up with an informed decision to buy or not to buy the property.

This is why Cebu House Finder is a dedicated website to educate homebuyers because we believe that an informed buyer is a happy buyer.


You can hire a House Finder in Cebu free of charge. Yes, save your time, energy and money by hiring us as your house finder without additional expenses on your part. We help you find your dream house in your preferred location at the right price. We guide you step by step so that you may have a stress-free home searching and house buying experience. We charge for brokerage, that is, properties sold by private individuals (not developers) or should you hire us to help you sell your property.


Bachelors Realty and Brokerage have branches in every key cities in the country. Our company provides a real estate professional service and life-time support to our clients, particularly those who have legal problems in their housing loans and delay in the transfer of titles.

Please, don’t hesitate to contact us for free assistance. We prefer email communication for easier exchange of information. Email us at You may contact us at Facebook or call us at 0917-811-3530.

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